Vases & Vessels

All Vases and Vessels are a result of extruding experiments, where various clays were used with various molds to get unique results. Every clay has its own properties and extrusion is a fabulous process to show these specific characteristics on the object’s surface.

Truncus III

110 EUR

Si Decalvetur I

65 EUR


90 EUR


70 EUR

Astrum Blue

75 EUR

Introrsus White

65 EUR

Introrsus Black

70 EUR

Anguilla Orange

105 EUR


55 EUR


65 EUR

Truncus IV

90 EUR


55 EUR


65 EUR

Si Decalvetur II

80 EUR

Truncus I

120 EUR

Circumflexio II

70 EUR

A hand-powered extruding machine was engineered with a high level of flexibility and manipulation while in the process itself.

Action design micro-craft enterprise groomed in Delavnica LEVO, Ljubljana (Slovenia / EU).

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